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Here we have gathered some opinions from Zaemus, a quick loans financial company with ASNEF , which is gaining a lot of popularity in recent months.


The opinions on the time in which the money comes in, are very good. He also has very good opinions regarding the possibility of returning the money with the payment platform MoneyFriend. The customer service also has good reviews.


As previously mentioned, it is the only financial or one of the few financial companies that has the possibility of returning a fast credit with MoneyFriend. Another of the most important advantages is that unlike other fast loans , this has the possibility of being returned up to 36 months , when many quick loans are returned in 30 days.

It also has more ways to return the money, with bank transfer, with a credit card and through the Post Office.

The financing of Zaemus does not have additional management fees, they can be returned in advance without commissions and without opening commissions.