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  • Have you dreamed of a holiday in Greece for a long time? Is it Italy’s dream of the net? Or the mountain ranges of the Andes floating before their spiritual eyes? Is our beautiful Hungarian sea, Lake Balaton, the destination of a family vacation? Whatever you desire, bring it to your doorstep!
  • You can make your vacation dream come true by taking a favorable Payday Loan, and pay back in monthly installments with a fixed installment, at a projected cost.

You can avail our favorable Payday Loan facility in a variety of situations:

You can avail our favorable personal loan facility in a variety of situations:

  • if you want a bigger holiday abroad
  • if you are planning a 2-3 week holiday with your family in Hungary
  • if you want to buy water sports equipment eg. kayaks, canoes, boats, yachts, etc.
  • if all the summer things were outgrown by the kids
  • even if they go hiking and last year’s bike is small
  • if a trailer for a family car would also be good for sports equipment
  • if you want to bring the kids to summer camp

… And a thousand other life situations where you need a few hundred thousand forints fast.

What do you need when applying for a favorable Payday Loan?

What do you need when applying for a favorable personal loan?

  1. 18+
  2. Registered address in Hungary
  3. Personal documents
  4. Income certificate (the amount of the salary influences the loan amount that can be claimed)
  5. Minimum 6 months certified employment (3 months may be enough for some banks)
  6. do not appear on the KHR list (some banks also have solutions for this

Eligible Income Types To Apply For A Favorable Payday Loan:

Eligible Income Types To Apply For A Favorable Personal Loan:

  • Regular wages
  • Retirement or early retirement
  • Finalized disability benefit
  • miners Annuity
  • Annuity
  • Order Fees

In all cases it will be necessary to attach an official document on the income!

There are several ways to apply for a favorable Payday Loan from banks

There are several ways to apply for a favorable personal loan from banks

  • You can apply online through the bank’s website. It’s quick, but the disadvantage is that we can’t consult a specialist for help.
  • You can also go to the branch to get information, and request it when you find one. The disadvantage of not queuing up is that we have to go in twice.
  • We can use the expertise of our financial advisor. He chooses the most promising offers for us and arranges for the loan. For us, our interests are paramount! Don’t have a financial advisor yet?

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