In the blue waters of Playa de Cavo, Elba Island

Tranquility and natural beauty are undoubtedly the right words to describe the Cavo Beach , on the Island of Elba.

This beach is divided into two parts by the tourist port , and is located in the northernmost part of the east coast of the island, facing the Tyrrhenian Sea. The town of Cavo is located at the foot of Mount Capanne , a short distance from the beach itself, and is a fraction of the municipality of Rio Marina, a little further south. The port of Cavo is the closest point of the continental (ie Italian) coast of Elba Island. In fact, the distance that separates it from the promontory of Piombino, in the province of Livorno, in Tuscany, is really minimal.¬† The place-name Cavo comes from ‘cabo’ , understood as punta, promontorio.

The beach of Cavo is quite long and extends on both sides of the port. Both on its south side and on the north side, the beach is fine gravel mixed with sand . It is a free beach, but you can also rent umbrellas and sun loungers. The bottom of the sea is especially suitable for children or those who can not swim because the depth of the water increases in a very smooth and gradual way. There are numerous flat rocks that emerge in the sea, where it is possible to sunbathe and then submerge in the crystal clear water to cool off. You can also rent small boats or pedal boats , and take courses in sailing and windsurfing. In the immediate vicinity there is a diving center , so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful bottom of the sea and the crystal clear waters, which make diving in this place an unforgettable experience . In summer there are events during which games are organized at sea, and in June there are sailing races.

A special walk in the shade of palm trees borders the beach , with some sculptures and benches to enjoy the sea breeze comfortably seated. There are many bars and restaurants, for those who want a drink, an aperitif or a dinner: there is something for all tastes. The Vespucci promenade reaches Capo Castello , the northernmost point of Elba. Here is the beach of Frugoso from where you can go by boat to the nearby Isola dei Topi (of mice), a wild and very small island that is part of the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago . The coast treatment from Capo Castello to Capo Vita is mainly formed by cliffs.

Within a few kilometers, there are other equally beautiful beaches : Fornacelle beach, Topinetti beach, Nisportino beach and Cala Seregola. Very popular and appreciated is the beautiful cove nestled in the rocks, the Cala de las Algas.

Going for a walk in the surroundings of Cavo or in the country itself is very relaxing: the pine forests, forests and fragrant chestnut trees make special a simple moment of relaxation, as well as the narrow and picturesque streets in the country. Cavo is one of the oldest settlements on the Island of Elba , in fact, its foundation dates back to 35 BC.

It is worth stopping to admire Villa Bellariva and Villa Tonietti . From the chapel of the latter, which is a mausoleum in stile liberty designed by the architect Gino Coppedè for the Tonietti family, you can enjoy a fantastic view over the Gulf of Cavo , even to the promontory of Piombino, on the other side of the narrow. The island of Cerboli is also very visible. Around it there is a fresh pine forest equipped for picnics.

In the museum of the castle there are prehistoric findings and others of the Etruscan and Roman ages, while in the promontory of Capo Castello the remains of a Roman domus are visible.

From the village several roads begin in the direction of Mount Capanne . Nature lovers will be really pleased by the beauty of these roads that meander through the woods and then suddenly jump in front of the sea : you can not help being dazzled by the beauty of the landscape offered. Some of these roads lead to small beaches enclosed by trees, shrubs and rocks, such as the small beach of Lentisco , or Cala Mandriola.

If what you want is not a walk in the woods, but simply relax in the sun on the beach, and maybe take a bath, the warm and clear waters of the strait will delight you with just looking at them and they will give you some beautiful baths in spite of of being traversed by the Piombino channel currents.

The sea here is also particularly rich with fish and whoever likes to fish will not be disappointed, neither if you practice immersion nor if you stay on the shore to fish with a rod.

If fishing has not been the best, no problem! You just have to choose one of the many restaurants to eat delicious fresh fish . The traditional cuisine of Elba is rich in fish dishes, as is obvious, since it is a small island. To accompany the delicious local dishes you should not miss the wine, since what is produced here is really great . Surprisingly, as is the meat.

A tip: the whole area around Capo Castello is very quiet, there are no clubs like clubs and therefore it is a very popular area frequented by families. However, rent a means to move around the island is very simple, and you can easily reach other more lively tourist centers in a short time.

Where to stay

Both near the beach and in the village, there is a wide variety of solutions to suit the needs of each: you can rent individual rooms, apartments or entire villas, and of course there are also several B & B and hotels, from the cheap to the luxury resorts. For lovers of camping, the town of Rio Marina is ideal. As we have said, it is not far from Cavo and here are all the equipment that can make the stay of the campers much easier and enjoyable.
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