Police protocol with “Arab people”: attention to those who carry cameras, money and Algerians

The anti-terrorist alert 3 decreed in Spain after the attacks in the French weekly Charlie Hebdo have led to the implementation of security protocols in several areas . One of them, the behavior that the agents of the State Security Forces should have when they interrelate with citizens of Arab origin , for example, in identifications of suspicious persons. The General Directorate of the Police has issued a series of “recommendations on interventions with Arab persons”, which has been sent for the moment to the two Superior Headquarters in Andalusia, but which will soon be operative in other areas with an important Muslim population, such as Catalonia, Madrid, Valencian Community, Ceuta and Melilla. These recommendations do not imply an indiscriminate increase in identifications on public roads.

The first recommendation given to the police is that they ” avoid any kind of racist or xenophobic comment ” when talking to Arab citizens. The Ministry of the Interior is no stranger to the social sensitivity that raises this issue and does not want the prevention work carried out by the agents to be misinterpreted as episodes of Islamophobia, for that reason it wants a correct and respectful treatment. Both at border points, and in identifications on public roads, agents must check the entry stamps of passports , to know “if that person has been in hot countries, or in countries that have borders with these.” Interior talks about Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon .

The Directorate of the Police also wants to see if the suspects who are questioned ” carry large sums of money with them, more than 1,000 euros .” It could be human mail. The Spanish information services believe that Hayat Boumedienne, the couple of the terrorist Amedy Coulibaly responsible for taking hostages in a Jewish supermarket, is liaison or mail of the Islamic State. He was in Madrid on January 2, from where he flew to Turkey and went to Syria on the 8th. It is assumed that Boumeddiene performs the mail function , to bring money and instructions, that is why Interior asks to be taken into account the amount of money that any identified person can carry.

Algerian groups

In its fourth recommendation, it calls for ” special attention with the individuals of Algerian nationality , they are more conflictive than the Moroccans, and security measures must be maximized in their identifications”. Although none of the 47 detainees in Spain in 2014 in operations against ‘jihadist’ terrorism had an Algerian passport, Algeria has traditionally been a ‘jihadist’ focus that has extended its tentacles to Spain . Between 1995 and 2004 (until the 11-M attacks), the great police operations in our country have been carried out against members of the Algerian Armed Islamic Group (GIA), its successor the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC), and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). In the decade that begins in the year 2000, several Algerian groups planned terrorist attacks in Europe as a continuation of the strategy promoted by Al Qaeda, say anti-terrorist sources.

Algeria has traditionally been a ‘jihadist’ focus that has extended its tentacles to Spain, experts say The experts also point out that Soldiers of the Caliphate in Algeria or “Yund al Jilafa”, who beheaded the French hostage Pierre Hervé Gourdel in September 2014, He has left the ranks of the AQIM and has gone over to the Islamic State.

The National Police should also provide “attention to people of Arab origin” who are making video recordings in non-tourist places , especially in critical infrastructures. Some 200 of these infrastructures (ports, airports, transport stations, power and nuclear power stations, some commercial areas …) have had special protection since last week. Anyone who is detected making these recordings “must be identified.”

When locating individuals of Arab origin in a vehicle by consulting a laptop , they must also be identified. This fact must be immediately reported to the Provincial Information Brigades. If personal searches or vehicle registrations are carried out, agents should check whether there are precursors used to make ‘TATP’ , acetone peroxide, an explosive that can be manufactured with household products. Its components are sulfuric acid (present in car batteries), hydrogen peroxide (present in hydrogen peroxide), acetone (in nail polish removers) and an acid catalyst (for example in lemon juice).