If you still have not been able to make the return of the Amalfi coast by motorcycle, you still have to complete one of the most wonderful experience that a motorist can carry out. Hurry to book this itinerary for the next holidays or even for a weekend!

You can, for example, arriving from Naples, take the exit for the coast (Castellammare si Stabia) and, before continuing towards Sorrento (the Amalfi coast is, in fact, only a part of the Sorrento peninsula, that is, the southern coast ), do some extra kilometers to visit Gragnano, famous for its IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) pasta. The only problem will be to choose between the different pasta producers, to visit them and discover the different stages of the elaboration, with the final prize consisting in the tasting of a good plate of maccheroni fumanti!

Take the road towards Sorrento and, before arriving, in the upper part, you will have a great view over the bay. It is a mandatory stop that allows us to admire the landscape and take some photos. If we are lucky, exactly in this place will be the car of the famous lemons of Sorrento: fiaos, you will taste the best hail in the world.

Now we will go down to the center; After parking the motorcycle, it is advisable to visit the Cathedral, full of frescoes and marble bas-reliefs. If we have time, we can visit the Cape of Sorrento, a small village among vineyards and gardens.

Leave now for Positano, here prepare mentally for the show that awaits you at the end of a curve: terraced houses on terraces between citrus trees and gardens, to the sea, a landscape impossible to describe. It is so beautiful! In Positano, apart from admiring the magnificent dome covered in majolica from the Assuanta church, you can also take the boat to visit the island of Capri .

After getting back on track, we will value much more the travel by motorcycle, firstly because the road is perfect, then because in this way we can fully admire the panorama: on the left the mountain and on the right, looking down, the sea and its great blue.

After the small town of Praiano, we will arrive at Amalfi, which offers us almost the same as Positano: houses set on the mountain until we reach the sea. Here, apart from the Cathedral, with its grand staircase, the Civic Museum that conserves the oldest navigation code in the world, the “Tabula Amalphitana”, is interesting. We can approach by boat to visit the Cave of Smeraldo.

Once again on the motorbike, and after the lovely Atrani, at the edge of the sea, between the rock walls, we continue towards Vietri sul Mare.

Arrived in Vietri it will be obligatory to take a walk among the numerous “botteghe” in which the majolica is exposed, which already in the s. IX were transported to all ports of the Mediterranean. We also find, a little further away from Vietri, the Museum of Ceramics where magnificent ceramics of the place dating from 1600 are exhibited.

This tour of the Amalfi coast by motorcycle is about to end, we see Salerno in the distance, and the memory of the contemplated landscapes will be indelible. We must take into account only one last thing: staying at the coast will be quite expensive, especially if we do it during the holidays, from June to September, and the cheapest places are exhausted, that is why we have to foresee it with a little of time.