The most beautiful beaches of Molise along the green coast

Do not you like to have a few centimeters of sand on the beach, almost glued to the neighbor next to the umbrella and you are wondering if there are beaches on the Adriatic coast without so much fuss?? The answer is yes, they exist and we can find them along the green coast, in Molise.

These few kilometers of beach (less than 40) belong to one of the smaller Italian regions, Molise. This region is, perhaps, known for the mountain towns such as, for example, Capracotta, at 1363m, but its coast, even If it is not very big, it offers all the comforts with its hotels, restaurants and equipped camping. The most important coastal city is Termoli; From its port we can go by boat to the Tremiti Islands and Croatia.

If we leave from the north of Molise, after the border with the Abruzzo region, we find the Marina de Montenero. We will continue with the Petacciato Marina and soon after we will find Torre Petacciato; the TorreSaracena is located, however, in the north of the city of Termoli where we will also find one of the two beaches frequented by the inhabitants of the region. The beach of San Antonio is the longest beach, almost 10 kilometers, and is very well equipped. He received the blue flag (he was also awarded the green flag, awarded to beaches adapted to children). Its fine sand and limpid waters justify, without a doubt, these recognitions, without forgetting the magnificent spectacle offered by the walls of the old part of the city and the Svevo Castle, at the southern end of the beach.

All the old part is very suggestive and in the city we can visit the Cathedral dedicated to San Basso, with the beautiful facade of Alfano de Termoli. The Cathedral was built in the 6th century, was incensed by the Turks and restored in the 18th century.

The other beach of Termoli is that of Rio Vivo, in the southern part of the city, much smaller than that of San Antonio, but equally interesting especially for those who practice water sports, windsurfing and sailing; In this respect we find on this beach the sailing circle that organizes several regattas.

The lido Campomarino is located before the border with the Puglia region; This beach also obtained the blue flag and is presented as a beach with beautiful dunes of fine sand and a pine forest that offers the possibility, after a good swim in a crystal clear sea, to rest to the leftover without the need for an umbrella (we find areas equipped with alternate with free zones). Near the beach we find the Oasi faunistica del Bosco di Ramitelli.

In Campomarino, it is worth visiting the church of Santa Maria a Mare, from the 12th century, and its wonderful frescoes.

If we head back towards the northern area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTermoli, we will find many free beaches, as in the Patecciato Marina; This area is much wilder and more reserved and also here the beach has been awarded with the blue flag. The town of Petacciato is 7 kilometers away and has a beautiful Romanesque-style church dedicated to San Rocco.

Continuing towards the north we find Marina de Montenegroo which is, in fact, the beach of the town of Montenegro of Bisaccia, from which we are separated by 16 kilometers. To visit in the village, the Sanctuary of Santa Maria de Bisaccia.

After having relaxed on the beach, we recommend you try the local specialties that combine tradition and taste. Without any doubt, this is the best way to end the day.