Visit Olbia: the keys to get to know it better

Like all the coastal and port cities of the world, Olbia also has a wide offer in terms of entertainment and leisure activities , and living it at night is another way to get to know this beautiful Sardinian city.

Sardinia has always used great energy and capital in tourism, and consequently in fun. If until the nineties this beautiful island was frequented mostly by billionaires and celebrities, now, fortunately, anyone can afford a stay in one of the spectacular coastal towns of Sardinia.

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Olbia, also because of its geographical position right in front of the Tuscany region, represents a very important port . It is located in the northeast of Sardinia, near the splendid and famous Emerald Coast, and every day it welcomes many boats and ferries, mainly from Liguria, Tuscany, Lazio and Corsica.

The traveler arriving in the port of Olbia will find a fantastic welcome and for your holidays you can choose between several types of accommodation: camping, luxurious or more modest hotels, or even a resort with spa, swimming pools and sports fields. As for the restaurants, the options are many: from the simple tavern, to the most elegant restaurant. In any case, tasting the best dishes of Sardinian cuisine will be easy .

Typical dishes of Sardinian cuisine, which anyone should try at least once in their life, are undoubtedly: carasau bread; the maloreddus – or ciciones – a type of pasta typical of the island, in the form of shells; the cassola , which is a fish soup; the meat cooked on the grill with the so-called schidioni. The wines are not left behind, thanks to the climate and the favorable soils that widely allow the cultivation of the vine: Vernaccia and Malvasia are excellent, Cannonau or Girò are two of the most valuable. Even the cheeses are exquisite, in fact Sardinia is a region where sheep breeding has always played a more than important role.

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Even when it comes to beaches, the landscape is varied and the options multiple: during the day, both families and young people can choose between long stretches of fine sand, pebble coves or flat rocky coast that enters the sea of ​​crystal clear waters. According to the taste of each one. And at night, those looking for entertainment and music, can count on the fact that many of the beaches become true outdoor discos. In fact, in most of these beaches there are events organized throughout the summer (for example, on the beach of Pittolongu, every year in August takes place the Olbia Summer Fest).

Both in the city center and on the seafront promenade, bars, pubs and nightclubs are numerous. In almost all these places you can listen to live music. The performances of internationally renowned artists are also very frequent.

Events of all kinds, some very special and extravagant, to Olbia are organized throughout the year, but of course in the summer are the most numerous to entertain the many tourists who come to the city, especially in July and August.
They are particularly interesting, thanks to the natural scenic context in which they take place, the concerts and events organized at the Molo Brin, the city’s dock.

Some good suggestions for a simple snack or maybe for a dinner listening to good music, are the following: in the center, overlooking Plaza Mercato, there is the Blue Square; always in the center is the K-Kult , where evenings with live music and DJs are organized; the same as the Seventyfive. Café Nordest is a wine bar where you can taste the best wines and other alcoholic beverages. Biker House is the ideal place to listen to rock music, played also by local groups; For the youngest, Devil’s Kiss offers metal music taking advantage of a beautiful open space, as well as John Gotty , who also organizes concerts and games.

The Pascià Disco Club is a discotheque located in the heart of the city. On the contrary, Villa Pascià is located in the industrial zone: there are 4 tracks where you can dance – among others – revival, Latin American and commercial music.
For all those who want to have fun in other ways, you can choose Strike Bowling , a pub with a game room and eight tracks to enjoy the American bolus.

However, this list is not exhaustive and there are many other places where you can have a drink, eat, dance and listen to music.

The Costa Esmeralda is very close to the city of Olbia, and if you like to know the places frequented by many celebrities and billionaires, you just have to go to Porto Rotondo or Porto Cervo . Not only the most famous nightclubs and nightclubs on the island are here, but you can also admire the fabulous luxury yachts moored in these two ports.

Staying in Olbia and if what you prefer is to simply take a walk, perhaps with the family, just go to Corso Umberto or to the promenade, which houses the local craft markets. There are also several food stalls offering typical Sardinian specialties.
The walk could also continue to the Church of San Simplicio – from the tenth century – or to the medieval Church of San Pablo el Apóstol , which are worth a visit.

Choose what you choose, you will enjoy your holidays! because in Olbia it is impossible to get bored!