What to see in Cagliari?

We want you to know Cagliari, the perfect city for those who want to discover and appreciate the best of Sardinian culture.

Sardinia (which can easily be reached by boat) is much more than fashionable locals and luxurious yachts. In recent years this wonderful region has been valued for what it really is: a place full of natural beauties, culture and traditions.

Cagliari is the provincial capital of Sardinia; it is a modern city located in the south of the island, in a large gulf between Capo Spartivento and Capo Carbonara; the city is born on top of a hill and extends to the sea. Its port has played a determining role for the local economy. At present, tourism is the main resource of Cagliari, very well connected with the rest of Sardinia, as well as with the main cities of the Tyrrhenian and the Mediterranean.

In prehistory this place was already populated; the remains of the presence of man, already at that time, have been found in the caves of the S.Elia Promontory and S. Bartolomeo and Poetto.

The Sardinian landscape always transports us to the nuragic culture; visiting the Museo Archeologico Nazionale is the first step to better understand the reality of Sardinia. Here you can admire findings from the Copper Age and the Iron Age, as well as several Phoenician, Punic, Greek and Roman objects; We can affirm that two thousand years of history are stored in the museum.

The Roman amphitheater, with its steps, is a reflection of the presence of the Romans in the third century, as well as the House of Tigellio, which is not far from the amphitheater, separated only by the Botanical Garden. The stones of the Roman ruins were used for the construction of several churches.

Inside the Cathedral, we find a conglomerate of several historical periods: the construction dates from the s. XII-XIII and is of classic Roman style (Pisano). The pulpit is from the Middle Ages and comes from the Cathedral of Pisa; we find works by the flamenco painter Gerard David; the crypt of the Sardinian protomartyrs was excavated in the rock and we also found the tombs of the princes of the House of Savoia.

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The churches we can visit are very interesting, such as the church of San Saturnino, known as the saints of Cosmas and Damiano, of the 5th century, being the oldest Christian monuments of the whole island; It is therefore one of the most important remains of the Paleo-Christian art of the Mediterranean basin.

The shrine of Bonaria, a construction of the s. XIV dedicated to Our Lady of Bonaria, the protector of the sailors. Inside we find a wonderful canvas by a Spanish painter “Crocifissione”.

The fortification of the old city includes the Tower of the Elephant, built at the beginning of the s. XIV, the Tower of San Pancrazio of 1305, and the Bastion of St. Remy (Terrace Umberto I), with its monumental staircase.

From both sides of the city we find the salt pans, very important for the economy of the city; the adjacent ponds are occupied by thousands of birds that, when they take flight, offer an unforgettable spectacle.

If you have the opportunity to have transportation, just 14 kilometers from Cagliari, to the inner part of the island, we find the town of Assemini, which stands out for its ceramics.

Here we have just given some examples of the most interesting things to visit in the wonderful city of Cagliari, but once in the place it will be very easy to discover many more.