What to visit in Milazzo?

Whether for a long holiday or just a getaway, Milazzo, in Sicily, is presented as a very beautiful city. It offers a long list of beautiful and interesting places to visit, not counting the coast, one of the longest in the region.

If we look at its geographical position, we can establish that Milazzo is an important city from the tourist point of view; In fact this town is the starting point by boat to go to the Aeolian Islands.

If our starting point is the Riviera de Levante, which is the port, and we go to the Cape Milazzo and Punta Messinesse, continuing with the return of the island to reach the Poniente Rivera, we can admire the coast, characteristic, on the one hand, for its rocks in which the waves break, and on the other for the long sandy beaches.

Similarly, the city is interesting for many reasons, especially historical and cultural: the old town (part populated since the fourteenth century BC) is in the upper area, on the mountain, however the new part of the population is has developed towards the coast.

The medieval castle dominates the city. It was built by the Normans and later was restructured and expanded, first, by Frederick II, later by the Spaniards. It has a beautiful portal of the XIV century with lateral towers.

Near the fortress we find the old Cathedral, of Sicilian baroque style. If we go to the historic center, still partially surrounded by walls erected by the Spaniards, we will arrive at the Church of the Madonna del Rosario, s. XVI. Near the church we can see the remains of the convent that in the past were the seat of the Court of the Holy Inquisition. If we continue we will find Sanctuary of San Francesco where we will be able to admire the Virgin with the child of the artist Domenico Gagini.

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If we go to the most modern part of the city we find the new Cathedral, built in the 30s where they are preserved, among many other things, the treasures that were in the old Cathedral.

The city stretches along the peninsula to the Cape Milazzo where the lighthouse is located, from which we can enjoy great views. Near Cabo Milazzo is the San Antonio Rock Sanctuary. It is said that the Saint took refuge here after his shipwreck.

Without moving from this place, in the western part, that is, near the Messinese Point, we find the Venus Pool or Venus Lake. It is a natural pool, formed by circular rocks. We will arrive after going down some stone stairs of more than 200 steps, however the effort will be rewarded by the pleasant temperature of the water and by the landscape that we can enjoy, especially during the sunset, with the Aeolian Islands on the horizon .

In the part of rocks we find several caves, some visible only from the sea: the largest is, without any doubt, the Polyphemus Cave, which is under the castle. We also found Cueva del Oro, near Punta Messinesse and a small cave called “La Gamba di Donna” (The leg of a woman).

Very close to Milazzo, just 12 kilometers away, is the town of Santa Lucia del Mela with many monuments to visit, such as the Palazzo Vescovile, the Cathedral or the Castle of s. XIV.

The biggest attractions of Milazzo are still its limpid and its fantastic beaches.