Algeria: Online payment service accessible to more than 10 million citizens

Algiers – Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Aïmen Benabderrahmane said on Thursday that the launch of the electronic payment service thanks to the interoperability between the Algerian Post and the Interbank Network will allow more than 10 million holders of Electronic Payment Card (CPE ) to benefit from the online payment service.

In an opening speech at the signing ceremony of an agreement on the launch of the interoperability of electronic payment systems between Algérie Poste and the Interbank Network, organized at the Palais des Congrès International, Benabderrahmane indicated that “the agreement between Algérie Poste and the Economic Interest Group of Electronic Banking (EIG Electronic Banking) and the Company for the Automation of Interbank Transactions and Electronic Payments (SATIM) will strengthen the generalization of the use of electronic means of payment. “

Recalling that “the interoperability agreement concluded between the aforementioned parties entered into force on January 5, 2020”, the Prime Minister indicated “thanks to the interoperability mechanism between the postal and banking networks, the holders of the Edahabia card and of the CIB interbank card have benefited from secure electronic access to banking services through automatic teller machines (ATMs) and automatic teller machines (ATMs) nationwide. “

“The new agreement completes this interoperability via the online payment service for more than 10 million holders of Electronic Payment Cards (CPE)”.

The Prime Minister added that it is “a step of a process since we are evaluating the achievement of one of the commitments of the government action plan for the implementation of the program of the President of the Republic” .