Algeria: the political system is sclerotic; aging leaders reject any real openness – US Think Tank

The Washington-based Middle-East Institute (MEI) described Algeria’s political system as ossified as “aging leaders reject any real openness” as massive street protests resume.

“Internally, Algerian leaders are old and President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, strongly supported by the army, is in difficulty (…) The political system is ossified but aging leaders reject any real openness,” writes Senior Fellow Robert Ford in a report titled “The Biden Administration and the Middle East: Policy Recommendations for a Sustainable Way Forward.” “

Confirming the relentless attitude of the Algerian authorities towards the territorial integrity of Morocco and the status of Algeria as the main actor in the Sahara issue, the report published by the American think tank specializing in the Middle East region, indicates that Algeria will push for the old referendum plan and mobilize all its resources to overturn the Trump administration’s recognition of Morocco’s full sovereignty over its southern provinces.

Robert Ford, expert on the political situation in Algeria, where he was US Ambassador from 2006 to 2008, analyzes the deep crisis in the country, noting that “the country’s economy is stagnating and the young population is frustrated”.

“Rising world oil prices will relieve some immediate pressures, but the government has neither vision nor desire to undertake far-reaching reforms,” ​​he added.

Stressing the urgent need to “help avoid the domestic political instability which fuels violence and extremist recruitment”, the American expert warns that “the government would use American criticism as an” excuse “to crack down on the opposition.

In the report, Ford also emphasizes the need to support the rights of protesters to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly, as enumerated in the United Nations Covenant on Political Rights.

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