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Global Health and Health Silk Road: The Other Side of the Picture

In May 2020, as EU-China tensions rise, Margareth vestager, EU competition commissioner, expressed concern over Europe’s lack of “good knowledge of contemporary China”. Vestager’s concerns are important because knowledge, perception and policymaking are closely linked to international politics. However, how does a mere deficiency in the Chinese stock market affect …

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Pakistan signs debt relief agreements with 4 countries

KARACHI: When doctors told Furqan bin Imran five years ago that he had an “incurable” genetic bone disease, the diagnosis explained a life of seemingly inexplicable injuries. Now that the disease had a name – a skeletal abnormality called pycnodysostosis – Imran was determined to fight it. And he fought …

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China seeks to strengthen its role in the Arctic

Many in China believe that since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the dominant Western opinion is on the opposite side of China. In addition, media commentators and academics in China also believe that the West’s unprecedented hostility towards China since last year is a reflection of the West’s own …

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