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Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister, on Saturday criticized the withdrawal from Afghanistan, calling it a hasty gesture “in obedience to a foolish political slogan to end” eternal wars “.

As Prime Minister, Mr. Blair sent British troops to Afghanistan and Iraq, supporting President George W. Bush’s decision to invade both countries after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. These conflicts helped to build Mr Blair’s legacy, particularly the war in Iraq, which a British investigation later found to have been promoted with intelligence that falsely exaggerated the threats posed by Saddam Hussein’s government.

In his statement on Saturday, Blair acknowledged unspecified mistakes in the 20 years of military engagement in Afghanistan, some of them serious. But he said the chaotic retreat would undermine faith in the West and sacrifice fragile improvements in the lives of Afghans.

“And for anyone who disputes this, read the heartbreaking laments from every section of Afghan society as to what they fear losing now,” Mr Blair wrote. “The gains in living standards, especially the education of girls, the gains in freedom. Not about what we hoped or wanted. But not nothing. Something worth defending, worth protecting.