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The slow and uncertain pace of Saudi-Syrian rapprochement

On May 26, Syrian Minister of Tourism Mohammed Rami Martini has become the first Syrian government official to visit Saudi Arabia since the civil war began in 2011. Martini’s Journey speculation fueled on a normalization between Riyadh and Damascus, as it coincided with a series of positive developments in Syrian-Saudi …

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Morocco will open its air borders on June 15

(Ecofin Agency) – Morocco will open its borders to international flights from June 15. The information was reported in a June 6 press release from the Foreign Ministry. The resumption of flights will follow an approach which “combines a gradual opening up of […] and preserving the country’s gains to …

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Forget old resentments? – Club Valdaï

Bashar al-Assad sent a message to the whole world that he is ready for a new stage. The world is not what it was ten years ago. At the regional level, the Arabs are considering accepting the existing reality, but at the global level, the Syrian question is not a …

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