Gender equality: top performing agencies named

The Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development has been named the most gender-responsive government agency, according to a report by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC).
The report, which assesses all government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) in terms of aligning their budgets to gender and equity issues, saw the Ministry of Gender score 92%, while the Ugandan mission in Malaysia was the worst performer with 51.50%.
The EOC, a statutory body established by an Act of Parliament, is mandated to eliminate discrimination and inequality against any individual or group of people on the basis of sex, age, race , color and ethnicity.
The report assessed MDAs on their performance in gender and equity planning and budgeting over the coming financial year by reviewing their Ministerial Policy Statements (MPS).

While releasing the 8th MPS assessment report in Kampala yesterday, EOC Chairperson Safia Nalule Juuko said that 158 ​​MDAs had been assessed.
“The average score was 65.02% and all 158 MPS votes were assessed and met the minimum requirement with a compliance level of at least 50%, based on the gender assessment criteria and of fairness. The Commission hereby recommends the issuance of a Gender and Equity Compliance Certificate to the 158 votes,” she said.
Ms. Nalule added that the Ministry of Water and Environment came second with 82.16%, while the EOC itself got 81.16%.
“The worst performing MDAs are Uganda Mission in Belgium with 52.50%, Uganda Mission in Qatar with 51.50% and Uganda Mission in Malaysia with 51.50%,” she said. .

Ms. Nalule also noted that out of the budget of 45,325.7 trillion shillings for the upcoming financial year 2022/2023, 28,036.68 trillion (62%) has been allocated for the execution of government programs.
“Another 11,214.8 trillion shillings (40%) has been directed to programs that explicitly address gender and equity issues and lead to increased access, benefits and participation in government programs provided by people vulnerable and marginalized,” she said.
EOC Acting Secretary Ms. Jane Ekapu said the Commission continues to face the problem of late submission of Ministerial Policy Statements, which form a basis for evaluation.

“The Commission received the MPS voted on March 15, 2022 the same day that the Parliament started to examine them. This contradicts the essence of the gender and equity provisions under the PFMA [Public Finance Management Act],” she says.
Ms. Ekapu added that the relevant Treasury instructions from 2015 and 2017 state that the MPS must be submitted to the Commission by February 16 to allow time for the Commission to assess and produce a full report.

“This persistent challenge to the Commission requires the attention of the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development. The Equal Opportunities Commission worked with multiple stakeholders in compiling this assessment report, which resulted in the successful completion and production of the MPS Assessment Report,” she said.
Ministry of Gender 92%
Ministry of Water 82%
NECK 81%
Ministry of Tourism 80%
Kyambogo University 79%
Kampala Capital Authority 76%
Soroti referral hospital 76%
Human Rights Commission 76%
University of Reading 76%
Mbarara University 76%
Uganda Bureau of Statistics 76%
Office of the President-ISO 76%
NORO 76%
Government inspection 76%
NITA-U 76%
Prime Minister’s Office 75%
Ministry of Lands 74%
Ugandan prisons 74%
Ministry of Finance 74%
Jinja Regional Referral Hospital 74%
Parliamentary committee 73%
Kampala Ministry 73%
Ministry of Education 73%
Immigration 72%
Judicial 72%
Mbarara referral hospital 71%
Uganda Police 71%
Entebbe Referral Hospital 71%
Kabale referral hospital 71%
Ministry of Commerce 70%
Ministry of Public Service 70%
Kabale University 68%
Ministry of ICT 68%
Ministry of Works 68%
Kawempe referral hospital 68%
Soroti University 68%
Assignment to Kenya 67%
Municipal university 67%
Uganda Investment Authority 67%
Law Reform Commission 67%
Ministry of Justice 67%
Public Service Commission 67%
Ministry of Local Authorities 67%
Uganda Tourism Board 66%
Financial Intelligence Authority 66%
URA 66%
Virus Research Institute 66%

Naguru Referral Hospital 66%

National identification and registration authority 66%

Office of the President 65%

Butabika National Reference Hospital 64%

Local authorities finance committee 64%

Ugandan Embassy in Algeria, Algiers 64%