Graham Foundation Announces 2022 Individual Grant Recipients

Graham Foundation Announces 2022 Individual Grant Recipients

The Graham Foundation announced the awarding of 56 new grants to individuals exploring ideas that expand contemporary understanding of architecture. Winners were selected from an open call that resulted in nearly 500 submissions. The selected projects are led by 81 people with diverse backgrounds. Funded projects, including exhibitions, publications, films and podcasts, among other formats, encourage experimentation and foster critical discourse in architecture.

The Graham Foundation for Advanced Study in the Fine Arts fosters the development and exchange of diverse and challenging ideas about architecture and its role in the arts, culture and society. This year’s winners will join a global network of individuals that the Graham Foundation has supported since 1956. During that time, the institution has awarded more than $42 million in direct support to nearly 5,000 individual projects and of organizations.

List of 2022 Graham Foundation Individual Beneficiaries:

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Albert Brenchat-Aguilar (London, UK)
As hardly found” in the art of tropical architecture

Imani Jacqueline Brown (London, UK)
What remains at the ends of the earth?

Sarah Hearn (Los Angeles, CA)
Ready-to-print designs

Sophie Leddick and Edgar Orlaineta (Los Angeles, California and Mexico City, Mexico)
Bag, mask and stick

Temitayo Ogunbiyi (Gwynedd, Pennsylvania)
You’ll wonder if we would have been friends

Ala Tanir (New York, NY)
The small old house by the sea

Krista Thompson (Evanston, IL)
Antonius Roberts: Art, Ecology and Sacred Space

Film, video and new media projects

saay/yaas: Anna Nnenna Abengowe, Patricia Anahory and Mawena Yehouessi (Abuja, Nigeria; New York, NY; Paris, France; Praia, Cabo Verde)
she(them), otherwise

Helen Kazan (London, UK)
Accountability Framework

Layla Kazmi (Elk Grove, California)
Reaching new heights: Fazlur Rahman Khan and The Skyscraper

Catalina Mejia Moreno and Huda Tayob (Cape Town, South Africa; Hove, UK)
Architectures of the South: bruising, remembering, repairing

Mona Minkara (Boston, Massachusetts)
Planes, trains and rods


Emanuel Admassu and Anita N. Bateman (Houston, TX and New York, NY)
where is africa

Ashley Bigham (Columbus, Ohio)
Realized: architecture, excess and desire

Marshal Brown (Princeton, New Jersey)
The architecture of collage

Louise Emily Carver and Angela Rui (Berlin, Germany and Milan, Italy)
Aquariums. Or the illusion of a canned sea

Jean Louis Cohen (New York, NY)
Russian architecture 1861-1991: poetics and politics

Gustavo Dieguez, Felipe Mesa and Ana Valderrama (Buenos Aires, Argentina; Champaign, IL; and Phoenix, AZ)
Design-build studios in Latin America: teaching through a social agenda

Chris Dingwall, David Hartt and Daniel Schulman (Chicago, IL; Hamtramck, MI; and Philadelphia, PA)
Black designers in Chicago

David Escudero (Madrid, Spain)
Neorealist Architecture: Aesthetics of Housing in Postwar Italy

Oxana Gourinovich (Berlin, Germany)
National Theatre: Architecture of Soviet Modernism and Nation Building

Freyja Hartzell (New York, NY)
The Extraordinary Living Beings of Richard Riemerschmid

Renata Hejduk, Steven Hillyer, Kim Shkapich and Jim Williamson (Lubbock, TX; New York, NY; Scottsdale, AZ; and Wellfleet, MA)
The ethical mirror: architecture, dissidence and radical imagination

Blair Kamin and Lee Bey (Chicago, IL)
Who is the city for? Architecture, Equity, and the Public Realm in Chicago

Pamela Karimi (New Bedford, Massachusetts)
Alternative Iran: Contemporary Art and Critical Spatial Practice

Indra Kagis McEwen (Montreal Canada)
All the King’s Horses: Vitruvius in the Age of Princes

Marina Otero Verzier (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Evanescent institutions: on the politics of temporary architecture

Adair Roundthwaite (Seattle, WA)
This Is Not My World: Art and Public Space in Socialist Zagreb

Ozayr Saloojee and Jamie Vanucchi (Ithaca, NY and Ottawa, Canada)
Design research for uncertain futures

Joel Sanders (New York, NY)
Blocked ! : public toilets included

Robin Schuldenfrei (London, UK)
Objects in exile: modernism beyond borders, 1930-1960

Mark Shepard (Buffalo, NY)
There Are No Facts: Attentive Algorithms, Data Mining Practices, and the Quantification of Everyday Life

Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi (New York, NY)
Architecture of Migration: Dadaab Refugee Camps and Humanitarian Settlement

Susan Slyomovics (Los Angeles, CA)
Decolonized monuments: the French colonial heritage of Algeria

Gregor Stemmrich (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
Dan Graham—A Little Rock

Joey Tang (San Francisco, California)
Aeon Greedy Armache: Nancy Brooks Brody / Joy Episalla / Zoe Leonard / Carrie Yamaoka: Amplified Fierce Pussy

Andre Tavares (Oporto, Portugal)
Architecture follows the fish

Beth Weinstein (Tucson, AZ)
Architecture + Choreography: collaborations in dance, space and time

Research projects

Riff Studio: Rekha Auguste-Nelson, Farnoosh Rafaie and Isabel Strauss (Cambridge, MA; New York, NY; and Northridge, CA)
Repair Architecture—Case Study House

Michelle Barrett and Chris Daemmrich (Kansas City, MO and New Orleans, LA)
Emerging Lands for Design Education

Kimberly Juanita Brown (Manchester, Connecticut)
black elegies

Fernanda Canales (Mexico City, Mexico)
If women made cities: extending coexistence

Dane Carlson, Sonam Lama and Yungdrung Tsewang (Elsah, Illinois; Jomsom and Kathmandu, Nepal)
Landscape is change: doing the work of making landscape through time

Jingru (cyan) Cheng, Mengfan Wang and Chen Zhan (Beijing, China and London, UK)
Ripple Ripple Ripple

Tonia Singchi (Oakland, California)
Telling about spaces of solidarity in the Asian diaspora

Coleman Collins (New York, NY)
The (de)ontological oblique

Sharmyn Cruz Rivera and Danny Giles (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Chez Josephine

Aria Dean (New York, NY)
Slaughterhouse, USA!

Marco Ferrari and Elise Misao Hunchuck (Milan, Italy)
river of heaven

Joseph Giovannini (New York, NY)
Zaha: a biography

Joseph R. Hartman (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
The Eye of the Hurricane: The Politics of Art, Architecture, and Climate in the Modern Caribbean

Sara Hendren (Cambridge, MA)
The Cherry Road “idea team”: day centres, cognitive disorders and the reinvention of the encounter with art therapy

Kelley Lemon (Champagne, IL)
Connections across the black agricultural landscape

Nifemi Marcus Bello (Lagos, Nigeria)
Africa—A ​​Design Utopia

Sonal Mithal and Arul Paul (Ahmedabad and Mangalore, India)
Queering Nawabi Lucknow: colonial architecture and archives

Dahlia Nduom (Washington DC)
Tourism, tropicalization and architectural image

Through the Graham Foundation. For more information, visit the official website Graham Foundation.