Legislative elections in Algeria: the campaigns begin

Algeria launched its legislative election campaigns three months after the dissolution of the National People’s Assembly (APN) by besieged President Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

The vote was brought forward after President Tebboune dissolved parliament in a bid to calm grievances from protesters who called for the dissolution of the government.

Nearly 1,500 candidates are vying for the seats according to the Independent National Electoral Authority.

The vote is scheduled for June 12.

More than half of the candidates run on an independent ticket.

About 1,200 other lists were rejected under a new electoral law stipulating that the candidate must not be “known to have had connections with money and questionable business circles”.

This law sets, among other things, the rules for financing and controlling electoral campaigns. Thus, it is forbidden for any candidate to receive donations in cash or in kind from a foreign state or from a natural or legal person of foreign nationality.

Thousands of members of the Hirak movement have rocked the streets of the Algerian capital in recent months as they demanded significant changes in the country’s government and political system.

Hirak militants are pushing for a complete overhaul of the opaque system governing Algeria, with the army in the shadows, which has been in command since the country won its war of independence against the French colonizer in 1962.

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