VATICAN CITY (CNS) – The nations of the world must work together to resolve the world’s major crises of migration and climate change, which are questions of justice that can no longer be ignored, Pope Francis told diplomats.

“In developing a global consensus capable of responding to these ethical challenges facing our human family, your work as diplomats is of utmost importance,” he said.

The pope’s comments came on May 21 in a speech to new Vatican ambassadors from Singapore, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Barbados, Sweden, Finland and Nepal.

Addressing the group of diplomats, the Pope acknowledged the difficulties of travel during the ongoing pandemic and thanked them for being able to attend the meeting in person.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made people more aware of each other’s interdependence and “our need to be attentive to the poor and vulnerable among us,” the Pope said.

Countries must take concrete and courageous steps to develop a global “culture of care”, he said, “which can inspire new relationships and structures of cooperation in the service of solidarity, respect for human dignity, mutual aid and social justice. ”

However, the pandemic has also shown how the international community is increasingly struggling or unable to seek common solutions to global problems, he said.

The most pressing global issues, he said, include “migration and climate change, and the humanitarian crises they often bring in their wake.”

Other serious concerns, he said, include the economic debt that hangs over many countries that are still ‘struggling to survive and the’ ecological debt ‘we owe to nature itself, as well as to people and countries affected by ecological degradation and loss of biodiversity. “

“These issues are not just political or economic – they are issues of justice, a justice that can no longer be ignored or delayed,” Pope Francis said. “Indeed, they imply a moral obligation towards future generations, because the seriousness with which we respond to them will shape the world we leave to our children.”

The work of diplomats is of the utmost importance in helping to build “a global consensus” responding to these challenges, he said, highlighting the Vatican’s support for all efforts to build a world “in which the person human is at the center, finance at the service of integral development, and the earth, our common home, is protected and maintained.