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Algerian military court issued four international arrest warrants against former national gendarmerie commander Brigadier General Ghali Belkecir in light of his involvement in three corruption cases as he faced charges of high treason in the fourth case.

EChorouk online cited exclusive sources indicating that several officers of different military ranks are also involved in the cases that have been referred to the military tribunal.

The sources added that the investigating judge of the military court in Blida concluded that Belkecir was a major culprit in all four cases, after interviewing agents and security elements arrested in various corruption cases.

The military court issued international arrest warrants against Belkecir on August 11 for high treason.

The Algerian Ministry of Defense confirmed in a statement that the first retired assistant Guermit Bounouira, Major Darwish Hicham and Retired Brigadier General Belkecir faces high treason charges. They also face charges related to acquiring confidential information and documents for the purpose of handing them over to a foreign state official.

French intelligence website Maghreb intelligence confirmed that Belkecir, who left the country with his wife (a judge) and children to Spain, was negotiating with Western intelligence services, especially Spanish and French intelligence services, to grant him and his family, political asylum.

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On July 30, 2020, Turkish authorities handed Bounouira to Algeria after he fled the country to escape charges of exploiting his position to gain wealth and funds, and illegal possession of real estate in the country. inside and outside Algeria. Bounouira, who took over the office of the late General Ahmed Gaid Salah, has been described as the latter’s closest confidant.

The media confirmed at the time that Bounouira was facing major charges related to the leak of confidential documents and information from the headquarters of the Algerian Ministry of Defense.

France officially approved the judicial agreement signed with Algeria in 2009 concerning the extradition of wanted persons.

On January 27, 2019, Algeria signed a new cooperation agreement with France relating to the extradition of wanted persons between the two countries.

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