OliveX: Brings Leading Playground Designer and Manufacturer, Playinnovation to the Metaverse

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  • OliveX has partnered with Playinnovation, a leading manufacturer of playground and ball field to bring virtual playgrounds to the Metaverse Sandbox
  • Playinnovation is the first of many brands related to fitness. OliveX will seek to partner up as part of its strategy to build the metaverse of fitness.
  • As part of the partnership agreement, OliveX will bring Playinnovation’s branded products, including Street Snooker, Street Cricket and First to Ten, to the digital world through LAND in the Sandbox, owned by OliveX.
  • Playinnovation ambassador John Farnworth, one of the world’s most innovative and influential freestylers and TV presenters, will also enter the Fitness Metaverse.
  • OliveX will use its 12×12 LAND plot inside the Sandbox Metaverse for game launches and the sale of NFT, including the Playinnovation digital items and experiences on offer.
  • The Sandbox is one of Animoca Brands’ leading decentralized virtual gaming worlds.
  • OliveX and Playinnovation distribute all revenue generated from both NFT primary sales and NFT secondary sales royalties on an equal basis
  • Playinnovation wants to launch its Fitness Metaverse offer in April 2022

December 31, 2021 – OliveX Holdings Limited(OliveX or the Society) (NSX: OLX), through its wholly-owned subsidiary OliveX (BVI) Limited, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a binding conditions sheet with Playinnovation Limited (Playinnovation) to bring Playinnovation branded products into the metaverse.

OliveX will design, build and distribute the Playinnovation digital objects and experiences within the LAND in the Sandbox owned by OliveX through the sale of NFT. The Sandbox is a decentralized global real estate and video game leader from Animoca Brands and has partnered with globally significant brands and intellectual property including Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, Adidas and The Walking Dead.

Users will be able to visit LAND’s OliveX-owned 12×12 plot and Social Hub which will host Playinnovation digital experiences using branded products such as Street Snooker, Street Cricket and First to Ten, among others.

This partnership will also transport one of the world’s most innovative and influential football freestylers, TV presenters and Playinnovation ambassador, John Farnworth, to the Fitness Metaverse. A world record holder with countless world and European titles to his name, John has been at the forefront and at the top of the freestyle world for many years. His talent and sympathy have earned him a global fan base and have been invited to perform at events such as the Champions League final.

The Sandbox LAND provides a platform for a long-term strategic collaboration with the Sandbox, allowing partner brands such as Playinnovation as well as Dustland Runner and OliveX Rider players to enjoy their rewards in a wider range of games. , in an even larger environment. metaverse and thereby creating truly interoperable digital assets for the user base.

OliveX and Playinnovation share all revenue generated from both primary sales of NFT as well as royalties on secondary sales of NFT on an equal basis.Playinnovation is looking to launch its Fitness Metaverse offering in April 2022. In line with OliveX’s strategy to create the fitness metaverse, the company will continue to explore other potential partner fitness brands and help these brands and IPs migrate to the Metaverse Fitness via NFT and other digital experiences.

About Playinnovation

Playinnovation has been designing, manufacturing and installing playgrounds in the UK for over 15 years and is renowned as one of the world’s most exciting suppliers of outdoor games, sports equipment and multi-purpose playgrounds. -usages (MUGA). By creating innovative sports and play areas for children and adults of all ages and abilities, the continued success of Playinnovation rests on the creation of patented products.

Figure 1 – Playinnovation sports equipment and Multi-Use Playgrounds (MUGA)

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Andy Hall, COO of OliveX, commented:

“We are delighted to partner with Marco and the Playinnovation team. From the moment we had our first call with Marco, he had the vision and foresight to see how this is game-changing and has the potential to impact long-term behavior. term. We’re currently working with Playinnovation to design and develop their Fitness Metaverse offering and I’ll be honest – it’s phenomenal. The game and development team is delighted to be associated with such a forward-thinking and innovative brand.

Getting into the Fitness Metaverse is not a game of vanity. It can generate significant income for your business. We’ve seen recording artists like Snoop Dog, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran run events in virtual worlds, which sell out (in minutes) and make millions of dollars (or crypto). While we can’t promise to host a Playinnovation event that will result in seven digits in their P&L, we can look to engage, excite, motivate and market a new portion of the Playinnovation business through blockchain and NFTs. ”

Marco Boi, founder of Playinnovation, commented:

“The design of play areas, the creation of games and community involvement have always been my motivations and my driving forces. When this opportunity to explore the realms of the fitness metaverse presented itself to me, I didn’t think twice. I think we are currently in a unique position and I want to be a pioneer for our industry and demonstrate that what happens online can impact and influence what we do in our real lives and again what we do. doing offline can impact our online behaviors – a complete 360 ​​ecosystem.

It is an exciting time. We look forward to working with Andy and his team and helping them push the boundaries when it comes to Metaverse development. As brands and businesses that motivate and inspire children, youth and their families, we need to think outside the box and look for new ways to get our message across. It’s a way of doing things differently in 2022; with more innovations to come. ”

About OliveX

OliveX is a digital health and fitness company delivering unique user experiences through the gamification of fitness, augmented reality, and gaming experiences to win. The OliveX Fitness Metaverse provides platforms that allow real-world fitness to merge with the digital world to engage consumers with brands, influencers and coaches. OliveX is designed for those who exercise at home, in the gym or outdoors in over 170 countries.

The DOSE token, created by OliveX as a cross-platform token for the fitness metaverse and utility token for run-to-win games within the OliveX ecosystem, including Dustland Runner. DOSE is an ERC-20 compatible fungible token and is an acronym for chemicals released during fitness and training: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphin. Dustland Runner is the very first blockchain fitness game where players’ physical output is rewarded in the virtual world with digital items.

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Figure 2 – Indicative timeline of the DOSE token

Figure 3 – Tokenomics and DOSE provisioning


For more information, requests for photographs or interviews, please contact:

Keith rumjahn

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About OliveX and OliveX BVI

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OliveX (NSX: OLX) is a leading Hong Kong-based health and fitness company behind the success consumer and enterprise fitness technologies such as 22 Push Ups, KARA Smart and Volution Fitness. OliveX combines gamification with artificial intelligence and premium content to motivate and engage itsconsumers and put them in touch with brands, influencers and sports coaches. OliveX works with global health and fitness brands such as Les Mills and Gold’s Gyms and fitness clothing company Gym Aesthetics.

OliveX (BVI) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of OliveX registered in the British Virgin Islands, is building a fitness metaverse where players can train at home, in the gym or outside to earn rewards in the These experiences are tied to its new DOSE token, designed to be rewarded and spent on OliveX platforms, including 22 pumps and KARA Smart.


Restrictions due to compliance regulations for different jurisdictions apply. The $ DOSE token will not be offered to residents of Australia, China, United States of America, South Korea, Nepal, Bangladesh, Macedonia, Bolivia, Ecuador, India, from Pakistan, Algeria and Morocco. The $ DOSE tokens team and its affiliates assume no legal responsibility in the event that individuals refuse to comply with international laws applicable in their respective jurisdictions. The $ DOSE team is not responsible for any loss or legal liability incurred in the event that individuals violate the terms of their respective jurisdictions. Please consult the respective laws governing your region for the most precise information.

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