Projects in the Maghreb (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia), report S1, 2021 – Prospects for major projects in the Maghreb –

DUBLIN – (BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Maghreb projects (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia), S1 2021 – Prospects for major projects in the Maghreb – MEED Insights” the report was added to from offer.

Unlike the GCC, where the markets are similar, the Maghreb offers three very diverse markets, each with very distinct opportunities and risks. It is essential that anyone looking to do business in Algeria, Morocco or Tunisia invests the time to understand what is on offer.

With over $ 150 billion in planned projects, the three Maghreb markets covered in this report promise a significant pipeline of potential future business opportunities for project investors, developers, contractors, consultants and manufacturers.

The diversified economies of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia are showing some of the highest levels of economic growth in the world as they continue to recover from the dislocation caused by the political uprisings of 2011.

Economic development programs open markets for private investment, and governments are expanding their manufacturing, tourism and service sectors to create jobs and generate new income. The specter of COVID-19 will undeniably mar, at least temporarily, the growth rate of the project market in the region.

The collapse in oil prices will also dampen growth in Algeria, but help energy importers in Morocco and Tunisia. There is also a problem of political stability, particularly in Algeria where uncertainty has slowed down new projects and hampered the award of new contracts.

Since 2008, around $ 13.5 billion per year in project contracts have been awarded in the Maghreb region. Project contract awards have grown both positively and negatively for most years, with a peak annual award level reaching $ 25 billion in 2013 and reaching a low of $ 6.3 billion in 2018 before reverting to over $ 8 billion last year. However, the outlook for growth in project contract awards in the Maghreb is positive, with more than $ 140 billion in transportation, construction and power grants to be awarded in the coming years.

But doing business in the Maghreb comes with many challenges. And anyone looking to work in the region needs resilience, patience and flexibility.

Reasons to buy this report

  • Opportunities and challenges in the Maghreb project market

  • Analysis of the pipeline of planned projects and contract awards

  • Key policies and drivers that shape the outlook for projects in the Maghreb

  • Political and economic context

  • Barriers and challenges that may arise

  • Sector-by-sector breakdown of future project plans

  • Main project drivers in each sector

  • The main projects and sponsors of major projects in the Maghreb

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