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The region is turning to untapped mineral wealth; The rising risk increases as economic and political stability falters; Rising house prices are fueling project activity in the Gulf real estate sector

Demand is growing for the materials needed to transition from fossil fuels – lithium, nickel, cobalt and magnesium for batteries, and rare earths for renewables, nuclear and electric vehicles.

We are getting closer to resource depletion in more established mining regions like Australia and Canada, and we need to explore new deposits.

The Middle East offers some of the best potential and joined the mineral rush. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria and Morocco hold large amounts of untapped reserves, while hard-to-reach markets like Iran and Syria also show significant potential .

Find out why the mining industry in the Middle East and North Africa will be one of the big winners of the decarbonization agenda in the July 2022 edition of MEED Business Review.

This month, the MEED also presents a special report on the main GCC real estate marketswhich have seen a revival in residential project activity over the past year.

The total value of real estate sold in the GCC in 2021 reached $137.4 billion in 2021, Kuwait-based Kamco Invest said in March. This figure was 42% higher than the corresponding value of $96.7 billion in 2019 and was driven by transaction growth in markets such as dubaiwhich increased by 86%, and Saudi Arabiawhich increased by 25 percent.

The July 19-page Market Focus on the Levant, meanwhile, discusses project markets and the political situation in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

We hope you enjoy the July 2022 edition of MEED Business Review.

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> Renovation is a natural progression for real estate

> Edamah aims to attract tourists to Bahrain

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> May elections aggravate crisis in Lebanon

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> GULF PROJECTS INDEX: Gulf projects market swells in June

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