Syrian delegation visits Saudi Arabia for first time since 2011 – Middle East Monitor

A delegation from the Syrian regime arrived in the Saudi capital Riyadh on Tuesday during the first official visit to the kingdom since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution in early 2011, on SANA the news agency reported.

SANA said the Ministry of Tourism will participate in the 47th meeting of the World Tourism Organization Middle East Committee and the inauguration of the Middle East Regional Office and the Tourism Promotion Conference to be held in Riyadh May 26-27.

The pro-regime news agency added that Tourism Minister Muhammad Martini arrived in Riyadh on Tuesday evening to participate in the meetings at the invitation of the Saudi Ministry of Tourism and the World Tourism Organization.

The visit coincides with a growing intelligence rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and the Syrian regime, where media recently confirmed that Saudi intelligence chief Khaled Al-Humaidan had met with the head of the overseeing national security bureau the regime’s security agencies, Ali Mamlouk. , in Damascus.

At the beginning of May, the Guardian reported that a Saudi delegation led by Al-Humaidan traveled to Damascus, where he was received by Mamlouk, in the first known meeting of its kind since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution.

The newspaper quotes a Saudi official, who preferred not to be named, as saying: “The meeting has been scheduled for some time, but without any development, but events have changed regionally and it was a good opportunity.”

Arab media sources also revealed that President Bashar Al-Assad had met the Saudi delegation and decided to reopen the Saudi embassy in Damascus as a first step towards restoring all-round relations between the two countries.

Media sources also confirmed that the Saudi side had informed Al-Assad that Riyadh welcomed Syria’s return to the Arab League and participation in the next Arab summit conference scheduled in Algeria.

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