The partnership with Qatar is part of the integration

The President of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tayeb Chaibab, underlined that the nature of the partnership with the State of Qatar is part of what he described as “integration”, stressing that new investments will be the subject of preliminary studies to ensure their implementation according to the “win-win” formula.
In a statement to the Qatar News Agency (QNA), Chaibab said that merging the financial capabilities of the State of Qatar with the natural qualifications enjoyed by Algeria will reflect a kind of integration, which can achieve the true model of investment in Algeria.
Chaibab added that the Algerian economic diplomacy looks forward to the realization of promising investments and viable companies that differentiate themselves from its predecessors in parallel with the investment law which should be promulgated soon, citing in the same sense the Algerian- qatari in iron and steel in Bellara in Jijel state is estimated to have been 100% successful.
The President of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry pointed out that Algeria’s strategic location and geographical advantages are among the most important factors that encourage investors from all over the world to enter into economic partnerships with the country.
A state visit by Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune recently to Doha resulted in the signing of four agreements and memorandums of understanding, adding that the Algerian president called on Qatari businessmen to invest in his country which is full of numerous investment opportunities available, particularly in the sectors of real estate development, industry and services, noting that the investment environment in Algeria is being modernized and that the legislative and legal environment is in progress development, and that laws and legislations that support investments and provide facilities for businessmen and investors will soon be enacted.