The reopening of the Libya-Algeria Ghadames-Debdeb border crossing could bring Algerian exports to Libya to 20 billion dollars |

By Sami Zaptia.

London, June 11, 2021:

The rapid reopening of the Lebanese-Algerian land border post Ghadames-Debdeb could increase the exports of thousands of Algerian products to Libya to a value of 20 billion dollars.

The assertion was made by Abdelwahab Ziani, the head of the Algerian Confederation of Industrialists and Producers, according to the Algerian news agency on Wednesday.

Ziani said the reopening would allow a significant increase in the value of Algerian exports to Libya, explaining that more than two thousand Algerian products could enter the Libyan market.

He said Algerian companies were ready to take up the challenge of diversifying their country’s non-hydrocarbon revenues on condition that the state helps them, especially in transport, banking and customs.

Algerian exports to Libya could reach $ 20 billion

According to Ziani’s estimates, the volume of non-hydrocarbon exports could exceed the target for this year, which is set at $ 5 billion, if trade with Libya via the Debdeb passage is activated – and could even exceed them at 10 billion dollars. .

Targeted sectors

Besides agricultural products, Ziani predicted that pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs (mainly pasta), manufactured products, building materials, as well as services, would be very popular in the Libyan market, where he estimated the volume of domestic demand to over $ 20 billion.

Algerian companies need government support

Algerian producers can fully meet this demand, provided they obtain the support and facilities of their government, which, according to him, was the subject of a visit made in early June by a delegation from the Confederation, accompanied by the director general of the National Society. for the Cargo (Logitran) and representatives of the Algerian Foreign Bank.

Agreements at the Algerian-Libyan Economic Forum in May

Ziani noted that the Algerian Ministry of Finance had reached an agreement with the Libyan Ministry of Economy and Trade, during the Algerian-Libyan Economic Forum held at the end of May, to update the agreement. aimed at avoiding double taxation between the two countries and speeding up the opening of the Debdeb. -The border post of Ghadames, as well as the opening of a bank branch at the border post.

Bank branches at the border post

In this context, Ziani estimated that the establishment of a branch by the Algerian Foreign Bank at the Debdeb border post next September will be an important step. It would facilitate commercial transactions between the two countries, reduce the duration of banking transactions and facilitate the export of Algerian goods to Libya.

Branch of an Algerian bank in Tripoli – Algerian companies to open branches in Libya

However, he stressed the need to follow this step by establishing a branch of the Algerian Foreign Bank in Tripoli, in order to allow Algerian companies to conduct their business transactions with ease, including the establishment of branches for their Algerian companies in Libya. .

Improvement of current investment laws

Ziani also underlined the need to adapt the current investment laws to the requirements of the promotion of Algerian exports and the expansion of activity abroad.

Improved transport links

Likewise, in order to increase the volume of Algerian exports to various border and African countries, Ziani called for an acceleration of the opening of air and sea freight, also calling for the encouragement of Algerian companies to invest in border areas. of southern Algeria through customs advantages.

Rapid creation of free zones

Ziani said free trade zones are of great interest to dealers in Libya, Chad, Mali and other African countries, calling for their establishment to be accelerated.

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