The Ukrainian War and Resilience

The Ukrainian people woke up on the third day to bombings, attacks, explosions and sirens.

It’s not a good morning today in Ukraine and the rest of the world!

Another day of uncertainty, propaganda and death began today, Saturday February 26.

What tourism resilience can do for Ukraine now:

People hide in metro stations, others take their own weapons to fight the invasion. Supermarkets are running out of food, ATMs are empty and gas stations are out of gas.

One kilometer long lines are visible at the borders of Poland and Romania from Ukraine. Romania expects more than half a million refugees. EU countries facilitate the entry of Ukrainians. Ukrainians are welcome. This is laudable and necessary, even if it risks slowly creating a new refugee crisis for Europe. So far, more than 120,000 Ukrainians have left for EU countries.

US talks tough, puts in sanctions, but Putin picked the perfect time. As a former KGB expert, the Russian president of course provided for such sanctions in his action plan before implementing it.

He was right to assume that not all Western countries would agree on all the sanctions, opening up the system to the posts in a loop. Anger is exploding this morning in Germany, Italy and Hungary over Europe’s failure to cut Russia off from the SWIFT payment system/

eTurboNews stayed in touch with Global Tourism Network eTN members and readers in Ukraine, the unrecognized People’s Republic of Luhansk and Donetsk and Russia. Facebook is now shut down in Russia, but the Telegram and VK channels remain open and are busy with shoutouts, photos and videos, many authentic and true, some fake.

As the world watches this perfect storm carefully planned by Russian President Putin unfold, the tourism world is also in a state of disbelief.

Putin hit Ukraine and the rest of the world when it was weak. A pandemic is a perfect moment and history has taught it.

Tourism leaders around the world don’t talk. It seems that no attention is better. After 2 years of COVID, no one can afford more years of war and destruction.

The brave and patriotic people of Ukraine are on their own – and sadly for the world, this may be the best and most peaceful alternative. The world cannot afford nuclear bombs, another war in Taiwan and a possible deadly conflict between Israel and Iran.

Since Putin cannot, the rest of the world must take a deep breath.

Tourism resilience?

Those who preach tourism resilience must lead our sector with actions, not just words. Showing resilience for the recovery of tourism must not stop and perhaps a way forward not only for tourism, the economy but also for world peace.

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Demonstrating resilience, promoting tourism during these times can contribute to peace and a way forward in a small measure. Not only do we need a resilient travel and tourism industry, we also need resilient travelers – and that takes heavy marketing and public relations.

The World Tourism Network and the Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Center, along with IIPT are the only global tourism entities to have said anything in the last 3 days. The rest of the tourism world remains speechless and silent.

The Global Tourism Network had called on the tourism world to speak with a united voice and provide smart advice for world peace. After all, tourism is a guardian of world peace.

While many Ukrainian heroes may be dying today in the fight for Kiev, the world must be wiser than a dangerous, confused and obviously sick Russian President Putin.

Watch our graphic video from Ukraine:

Due to highly graphic content, we are unable to display a video of today’s scenes in Ukraine collected by eTurboNews readers.

Please use the password “Ukraine” to watch this graphics video.

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