Turkey begins demolishing ‘the most ridiculous building in the world’

The municipality of Kahramanmaraş in southern Turkey has started demolishing the city’s shopping complex, known as the “most ridiculous building in the world” due to its strange shape and many unnecessary, wide and empty spaces surrounded by of columns.

The 18-story building has been widely criticized for not matching the city’s landscape, architectural style and historical structure, and resembling an “atypical” establishment at its core.

Established on Trebizond Street in the center of Kahramanmaraş, the yellow and blue building has become an important landmark, as it is located in one of its busiest areas and can be spotted from anywhere. It has even become a sign to guide those who ask for the way… The inhabitants of Kahramanmaraş now have the habit of saying: “the place you are looking for is in front, or behind or next to the ‘yellow building'”.

Kahramanmaraş Mayor Hayrettin Güngör announced that the municipality launched the three-month demolition project on January 12. The mayor had previously mentioned several times the intentions of the municipality to get rid of this building, although a businessman offered to buy it for 30 million Turkish liras to transform into a hotel.

“Now we are demolishing the building which is affecting the city’s reputation and showing up as the ‘ugliest building in the world’ on Google when someone searches for ‘the most ridiculous building in the world’ or ‘the ugliest building’. strangest in the world “, due to its strange design, unnecessary spaces, and its incompatibility with the silhouette of the district”, explains Güngör.