Turkey strengthens its investments in Algeria

“Algeria has shown a particular interest in the development of economic relations with Turkey”, Ok Tosyali said. His eponymous group is working on a flat steel production project in Oran. Intended to export to European, American and Turkish markets, this unit should be operational at the end of 2023 after an investment of 1.7 billion dollars. A space will be dedicated in the port of Arzew to this production.

Turkish companies will also participate in an agricultural project in the wilaya of Adrar with an investment of 20 million dollars in dairy production and wheat cultivation to meet local needs. Another project is underway in the textile sector in Sidi Khettab (wilaya of Relizane, 135 km east of Oran). The Turkish group Tayal wants to launch local cotton production there.

While Turkish companies remain very active in the production of textiles and leather in partnership with Algerian public companies, the most important Turkish investments in Algeria today are in the steel industry. The DTIK representative estimates that steel exports could reach $2 billion per year by 2025.

Musiad has been operating in Algeria for three years and claims 150 members, Turkish and Algerian businessmen.

In 2020, according to Algerian customs statistics, Turkey was Algeria’s fourth largest customer with imports worth a total of $2.1 billion, mainly LNG gas. It is positioned behind Italy, France and Spain. In the same year, Turkey was among Algeria’s top ten suppliers with exports worth $1.5 billion. The trade balance is therefore in surplus in favor of Algeria, up to 600 million dollars.