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Spotlight on companies having a positive impact on society and the environment.

The inauguration Impact Shakers Award is pleased to announce its winners! The twelve winning startups come from the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal and Bulgaria. Impact Shakers CEO Yonca Braeckman said the goal of the awards is to help create a fertile environment in which impact-driven startups can grow into strong, scalable businesses.

The public vote delivered twelve winners, each of them being startups focused on the environment, inclusion and society:

Energy Category: Charm impact (Borehamwood, United Kingdom)

Food Category: LAM’ON SA (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Health Category: ResHub (Dublin, Ireland)

Water Category: BitaGreen (Leuven, Belgium)

Political Voice Category: The press room (Lisbon, Portugal)

Gender Equality Category: TaskHer (London, United Kingdom)

Education Category: Ecolytiq (Berlin, Germany)

Income & Work Category: Flash social enterprises (London, United Kingdom)

Social equity category: TIQU (London, United Kingdom)

Accommodation category: niche (London, United Kingdom)

Category Peace & Justice: Amourabi (Paris, France)

Category networks: Manch (London, United Kingdom)

The donut economy for societal and environmental impact

The Impact Shakers Awards help create a growth environment in which impact-driven startups can grow into strong and scalable businesses which, in turn, make the economy more inclusive, environmentally friendly and social. Impact Shakers-CEO Yonca Braeckman: “We are inspired by the donut business model, which maps human prosperity along a social basis and an ecological ceiling. From this point of view, we assess the economic profit as well as the societal and environmental impact.

Price package

The twelve winning startups will be invited to participate in an intensive bootcamp to secure alternative funding and will have access to a prize package including valuable tools and workshops for impact entrepreneurs worth 20,000 euros. They will also be part of the global Impact Shakers ecosystem and will have access to unique networking opportunities with highly sought after mentors, business angels and impact founders across the world.

“We are absolutely delighted that TaskHer’s work has been recognized by such a remarkable panel of judges and award body. This gender equality award further validates the urgent need to change the gender imbalance in this multibillion pound industry. Thank you very much to everyone who voted for TaskHer, it means a lot to us. – the TaskHer team (United Kingdom)

Upcoming Impact Shakers Awards in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region

Rewards are part of the larger Impact Shakers ecosystem. The organization is currently developing its impact investing projects and will launch an accelerator later this year. The next region the Impact Shakers Awards will launch will be in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) after the summer.

“We want to launch the awards in different start-up regions and then look for innovative and impactful companies in the MENA region. This is a logical choice for us, since the founders of Impact Shakers have roots in Turkey and Algeria and we will be very happy to highlight these exciting and emerging startup ecosystems. – CEO Yonca Braeckman

Yonca Braeckman, CEO of Impact Shakers


Energy: Charm impact (Borehamwood, UK) is an impact investing platform that provides equity loans to clean energy startups in developing countries.

Food: LAM’ON SA (Sofia, Bulgarije) LAM’ON (Sofia, Bulgaria) Ltd produces and sells a 100% biodegradable film suitable for lamination compost called LAM’ON and packaging film – PACK’ON.

Health: ResHub (Dublin, Ireland) ResHub is a relationship-centered care-based resident engagement platform through which providing a truly connected experience between residents, staff and families improves the well-being of residents and allows personalized care.

Water: BitaGreen (Leuven, Belgium) offers nature-based solutions for urban water management and quality of life.

“It is an honor to receive this Impact Shakers Award and wonderful recognition of our efforts in hydrology and nature-based solutions. With this price package, our startup benefits from significant support. We are really excited to be working with Quest Design Studio to maximize our impact through creative design. – the BitaGreen team

Political voice: The press room (Lissabon, Portugal) The Newsroom fights against disinformation and promotes plurality online.

Gender Equality: TaskHer (London, UK) advocates for women in skilled manual trades.

Education: Ecolytiq (Berlin, Germany) Ecolytiq enables banks, fintech companies and financial service providers to show their customers the individual impact of their purchasing behavior on the environment in real time.

“One of the most powerful tools at our disposal to fight climate change is education. It is through education that we create the awareness and inspire the action needed to solve one of humanity’s most pressing problems. This is why we are so happy that the Impact Shakers see it the same way we do! – co-founder and CPO David Lais, Ecolytiq

Income and Work: Lightning Social Ventures (London, UK) helps people in financial difficulty receive lightning-fast support and recover from shocks.

“Lightning Social Ventures was founded to help people in financial difficulty receive support very quickly, recover from shocks and build resilience – by providing a secure digital platform for charities and public sector institutions to verify needs and expedite the provision of support. After launching our beta product just four months ago, we are delighted to win the first Impact Shakers Award and to be recognized as one of the pioneering impact companies in Europe. We would like to thank our incredible partners, funders, friends, family, mentors, as well as the Impact Shakers team and judges for their support on our journey. – the Lightning Social Ventures team

Social equality: TIIQU (London, UK) is a trust mechanism continuously fueled by blockchain-based certificates. They build ecosystems of trust for a modern, inclusive and just society.

“We are proud to be the winners of the Impact Shakers Awards in the Social Impact category. Recognition reinforces our commitment to building an inclusive and meritocratic future where each individual can continuously evolve and increase their worth. The future looks bright for us: fairness and objectivity will build bridges of trust across continents and ecosystems. – the TIIQU team

Accommodation: nested (London, UK) helps those looking for affordable accommodation to cohabit with people aged 50 and over with spare rooms.

“We are over the moon to win! Our first (of many, hopefully) award. Winning this is a testament to what my colleague Steve and I have been working on to help more people find affordable housing by sharing with people over 50 with rooms to spare. We are grateful to Impact Shakers and everyone who voted for us for recognizing the value to society of services such as nestful. – the nest team

Peace and Justice: Amurabi (Paris, France) bridges the gap between the law and its users: enabling all users to truly understand and exercise their rights.

“The Amurabi team are super excited, happy and moved to have won the first Impact Shakers Award for ‘Peace & Justice’! Whether we are working with the CNIL to allow underage users to better understand and exercise their data protection rights, whether we are training magistrates or creating an application to fight cyberbullying, we are deeply convinced that legal design is a powerful vector of access to justice. Thank you so much to the Impact Shakers Award team for noticing our work in this space, and to all of the audience voters! We will continue to make the law accessible to everyone. the Amurabi team

Networks: Maanch (London, Verenigd Koninkrijk) is developing technology to measure, monitor and report the impact of investments, organizations and philanthropy, through the prism of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“The impact economy will thrive and thrive when various networks work together to achieve the United Nations SDGs and a sustainable future for all. At Maanch, our goal is to build and automate systems for businesses, investors, and the philanthropy ecosystem. We are delighted to receive this award and congratulate each member of our growing network for enabling responsible and ambitious growth! ” – Mom

Some numbers :

  • Most of the winners are from the UK.
  • 100% of the winners have at least 1 founder under-represented in their team.
  • 75% have at least 1 female founder.
  • 75% received funding.

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