Visitors, businesses ready for Memorial Day weekend in Jersey Shore

The forecast may not be perfect for Memorial Day weekend, but the people on the shore say they don’t care.

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The bad weather forecast isn’t preventing people from taking a trip to the Jersey Shore this weekend. And companies are hoping to cash in after a slow summer last year. Action News reporter Trish Hartman has this story tonight.

TRISH HARTMAN: The forecast isn’t perfect for this holiday weekend, but the people who were here on the shore say they don’t care. Many are looking to make up for Memorial Day weekend that they didn’t have last year, and businesses are sure to be hoping the crowds will pass.

On a beautiful night in Ocean City, we found a lot of people who kicked off their Memorial Day weekend a bit early.

I have the impression that there are more people than I expected for Thursday night.

TRISH HARTMAN: Fox Chase’s McCue family have just arrived, ready to have some fun after spending Memorial Day at home last year.

I’m really excited to get back to normal and come back here, and it all opened up.

TRISH HARTMAN: Some are closely watching the forecast for the cool and cloudy weekend.

JULIE HORST: So we have a house rented on 55, and we look forward to lots of family and beach time. And hoping that the weather cooperates a bit.

TRISH HARTMAN: In Wildwood, some were heading into town, others were leaving the beach.

JASMINE BRAXTON: It felt good. The water was really cool, but, you know …

Here. Do it again.

TRISH HARTMAN: The boardwalk companies, many of which are still hiring, are hoping the weekend won’t be a washout.

PAUL LOUGHRAN: I think it’s going to be busy whether it’s raining or not. It’s always going to be – they’re still going to come.

TRISH HARTMAN: Starting tomorrow, New Jersey’s indoor mask mandate will be lifted regardless of vaccination status, although health officials strongly recommend wearing a mask if you are not vaccinated. Companies like Beachside Ice Cream Parlor are ready to welcome people back.

BERNIE SAAB: We’re definitely getting ready for the busiest Memorial Day people have seen in years. We really think people will come out in great numbers.

TRISH HARTMAN: Rain or shine, we have found visitors determined to make the most of their getaway.

SEAN FILIMON: Oh, I mean, I often sit inside. And of course, it wasn’t fun. I mean, other than work, not much is happening. So this is the first time to go out and hopefully do things.

TRISH HARTMAN: As usual for the unofficial start of summer, the Ocean Unlock and Businessmen Dive is slated to take place here in Ocean City at noon tomorrow. Reporting in Ocean City, New Jersey, Trish Hartman, Channel 6, “Action News”.

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